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July 7, 2014

Hallo Family! 

It sounds like you all had a really good week celebrating America’s birthday.

So, I am extremely happy right now.  I just got an email from Sister Wrathall telling me that Monica is getting baptized on the 19th, and Michelle on the 26th!  I am so sad that I won’t be there to see it, but I am so excited for them!  She also said that Cathy wanted to go through the temple while Sister Wrathall is still in Germany, and that I should go down to the temple too and help be her guide.  Which makes me super excited.  That would be my first time going to the temple since I have been in Germany, and would be very special.  Man…this is dangerous, because now I just want to find a way to escape down to Heidelberg again, but I love Münster too.  I am just really excited for all of them. 
Sister Busath's Newly Pierced Ears

Anyways, it was a good week here in Münster too.  Sister Busath now has pierced ears.  Anna went with us and she was so excited.  She had called the place ahead of time and everything.  She is so cute.  That day for P-day, we went to our ward mission leader’s house with the elders and all played games together.  Here in Germany, they have a card game for Nertz…so I get to play it, since it isn’t face cards.  Score. 

That night, we took a train down to Essen and stayed with the sister missionaries down there for the night, because it would be too expensive for us to travel down that morning to Düsseldorf for Zone Conference.  That next day, we got to meet the new mission president and his wife.  They are very nice people, but no President Schwartz.  They are definitely from Utah, and are the most Mormon family you will ever meet.  I know that they are suppose to be here at this time, and he is very loving, so hopefully with time, we will all be excited for it.  Sister Busath and I realized how German we have turned this week.  There was an American couple at church this week, and it was really bad because we found them both pretty annoying.  I forgot how much Americans talk, and how loud they are.  I LOVE the German culture.  I love the Germans so much.  They are great people, and you know that when they tell you something, good or bad, they mean it with their whole heart.  I am going to miss them.  They are just fantastic people.  Oh, I have an interview with the new president.  Don’t know when exactly, but I will talk to him then about going home earlier.  I will let you know when I do. 

That night, we had something cool happen.  We were teaching English class, and a random guy showed up.  He said that a flier for English class blew into his bushes and he saw the church name on it and wanted to come and learn more about Christ.  And then he came to church on Sunday!  What the heck.  That was cool. 

Wednesday, we met with Bianca and started our fast.  At about 5 o clock, she texted us and said that she smoked.  That was sad, but we said it was okay.  She said she liked smoking too much and didn’t think that she would ever be able to give it up.  If she doesn’t have the desire, it is never going to happen, but we will see.  For know, we are waiting a bit until we try again.  We also went and helped Anna with her paper route and then taught her the gospel of Jesus Christ afterward.  She is so great, and her testimony is just strong.  She and her family are all on vacation this week, so that is really sad.  I am going to miss them! 

How did we burn our oven mitt?  Whoops!
Our Youth USA Party was so much fun! 
Friday was a SWEET day.  We threw a massive Fourth of July party for the Youth!  It was GREAT.  We had 8 youth come, which is just insane for here, and three of them were non-members!  Anna invited her friend, and she had a blast.  She said she wants to come back again.  We had an American scavenger hunt, where they had to go through town and find things that reminded us about America, like hamburgers, super heroes, wooden teeth, and English, and take pictures with them.  They did surprisingly well, and got really creative.  We then had a cake-decorating contest, and sang American songs, and learned the Pledge of Allegiance, and it was just GREAT.  The youth loved it.  I would say it was quite the success. 
On Saturday, we went and had lunch at the university and talked to some creepy people, but then met with Chi-an, a member from our ward.  That night, we dropped by Anna’s family and said bye to them and gave them left over cake and gave us lots of hugs.  You need to meet this family.  They are just classic. 

Cake Decorating Contests
Our Youth American Party
Sunday, we had a great time at church, and then we decided to go dooring that day.  We weren’t really having any luck, so we decided to walk to another area, and along the way, we saw this guy pulled over on the side of the road.  We asked him if he needed help with anything, and he said that he was new in Münster and he didn’t know how to get to this one area.  Well, seeing how we just take buses everywhere, we had no idea.  But then he asked us why we were here and we explained how we were missionaries from our church.  He ended up getting out of his car and talking to us.  When he found out we were Mormons, he said he had always been impressed by our religion and our standards, and always wanted to learn more.  He said he had looked for a meetinghouse here in Münster, but couldn’t find one, just one in Ostenabruck.  He wanted to go check it out, but had never found time to drive all the way out there.  But he saved the address as his home page so that he wouldn’t forget.  But he said it was luck that he met us that day so that we could tell him that we had a meetinghouse here in Münster.  We gave him a pass along card to show him the address, and then he asked us where he could get a Book of Mormon in Italian.  (He is from Italy, and has lived here about five years).  We said we could meet with him, and bring him one and he got really excited.  So now, we will be meeting on Wednesday night!

Pretty cool story, huh?  It was just another testimony to me that God knows who needs to be helped.  We felt like we should go dooring in that area, and so we did, but nothing came from it.  No one was interesting.  But because we were there, walking down that road, we got to meet Kai!  Cool things still happen! 

Well, I hope that you all have a great week.  I love you all! 


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