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July 14, 2014

Munster's a university
That is right…we are the Welt Meister.  WE WON.   Germany won, and everyone is freaking out.  Last night, when the game was over, the entire country of Germany just started cheering.  Seriously.  It was crazy!  Flags are all over the place and people are just going crazy.  We got so many texts from our members and everyone late last night informing us that we if we didn’t know from the sounds all around us, ha-ha.

That’s awesome that you are all in Pennsylvania right now, well except for Troy.  He is having fun studying for the MCAT though...ha-ha.  Tell the family all that I said hi and give them a big hug for me.  It will be fun to see them all next year. 

This week was sweet…lots and lots and lots and lots of contacting, and it was great.  I have never talked to so many people in one week before.  I love being comps with Sister Busath.  I always had a little bit of fear before, but now, it is fun.  We went dooring a LOT this week, and met some pretty weird people…like really weird.  We also met some cool people.  We set up an appointment with an atheist for this week, so that should be interesting.  There was one man though, trying to tell us that we were crazy for believing in a second Jesus when we introduced the Book of Mormon to him.  I wanted to fight back and just be like, “Man, can’t you read?  It says ‘ANOTHER testimony of Jesus Christ,’ not another Christ, but I couldn’t do that.  At the end, we kindly asked him if he knew anyone that would be interested, and he went off on a long spiel about how he worked with people that needed mental help, and he suggested to us that before we share religion with others, we should asked ourselves if they needed mental help or religion.  I wanted to ask him if he had asked himself that question, but that wouldn’t be nice, would it?  We also got a Muslim family to let us in and give us water.  That was cool.  I thoroughly enjoy dooring now.  It’s like a big surprise of what is on the other side of the door.  You meet the most interesting people that way, especially in the student apartments.

We also met with Kai this week.  He was the guy that we found on Sunday, pulled over on the side of the road.  This guy is legit!  We taught him the Restoration, and he had the most perfect questions, and a lot of interest.  We asked him at the end to pray to know if it was true, and he said that while he was talking with us, there was nothing that seemed false to him.  It all sounded right.  But he said he would anyways.  That was a great lesson.  The second the opening prayer was finished, the spirit was immediately there, and it stayed the entire lesson.  At the end, he told us that the question he wants answered the most is why we are here on the earth, and where we are going after.  He said he really wants to learn what we think.  Ok Kai!  Wir können das machen.  That is actually our next lesson!  He got super excited about that, so we are meeting again this week, and teaching the plan of salvation. 

More Harry Potter analogies...
The cool part is that Kai came to church on Sunday!  He came, and he loved it, at least I think he loved it.  We really didn’t get to talk to him that much, because the members did such an amazing job.  As soon as the closing prayer was said, people were swarming kai, and he thoroughly enjoyed it.  He loves talking, and everyone was soaking him up.  He was there an hour after church was over, just talking with the members.  He got invited to the Elder’s Quorum bowling activity, and the Pioneer Day activity this Saturday.  He was super excited about it.  I have a really good feeling about this guy. 

This week, we focused a TON on asking for referrals.  Every person we talked to, whether they were interested or not, we asked for one.  So on Thursday, we went to go contact one of the referrals.  They lived forever away, about an hour by bus, and once we got there, they didn’t have any interest.  Sad day.  So we doored down the street, and let me tell you, that was the nicest street ever.  One guy was so interested in the Book of Mormon, that he took one for him and his daughter.  So that was pretty cool. 

Preparing for our Harry Potter skit
Friday, we had the coolest Zone trainings ever.  Our district leader, Elder Barney, gave a lesson, and it was great.  He got permission to watch Harry Potter, so we watched the scene in the third movie, where they learn how to fight a boggart.  He then used us to do a skit.  As an analogy, some of our districts were wizards and witches from the "Dortmund School of Priesthood and Ministry,” and the rest were our worst fears of finding.  I was Sister Weasley.  We had to attempt to contact these fears as they came through the door, and at first we were all suppose to run away screaming.  He then gave this really good lesson on how we need to develop charity and to see people as they can become.  We then had to try contacting them again, and this time, our worst fears came out dressed in baptismal clothing, and we all succeeded in contacting.  It was a really cool theme, and I learned a lot.  I guess when you compare anything to Harry Potter, you’ve got my attention.  Ha-ha.

Pulling down our first sticky 
noteto our goal count down...
That day, I also got to go on a split to Herne with SISTER MCMURRAY.  How cool is that?  I got to go on a split with my MTC companion.  That was a blast.  We went to teach a lesson, and it was just cool to see how far we have both come.  I love that girl so much.  We had a great time together, and it was just good to talk and be with each other, almost an entire year later.  I can’t believe it has almost been an entire year.  10 days.  Where does the time go?

I am loving Münster.  I know I am suppose to be here, and I feel like I am finally becoming the missionary I have been wanted to be my entire mission.  This is a good place, and cool things are happening. 

Well, I love you all.  Have fun in Pennsylvania / Provo this week.  Tell everyone hi. 


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