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June 30, 2014

Hallo Familie!  Happy Birthday, Dad!  52.  Wow, you're getting old!  I hope Troy and Alyssa are doing something nice for you out there in Colorado.  It sounds like you have all had a good time together, so that is great. 

Well, I really like Münster.  And I really like my companion.  Its great.  Every moment we are not in a lesson, we are out working and trying to find people.  What’s even better is that we enjoy every moment of it.  Sister Busath LOVES knocking on doors and talking to new people, especially student dooring.  She is teaching me to love it too.  We have found a few potentials that we have to go back to this week, so its sweet.  I feel like I did at the beginning of my mission, just refreshed and ready to go out and see miracles.  Not to brag or anything, but this companionship is going to rock Münster. 

Last week went by pretty quickly, and yes mom, we have things to do on P-day.  Last P-day was sweet.  A member, Luckie, took us and the elders out for the day.  We are pretty sure he is a Jamaican prince.  He is from Jamaica, and has traveled the world, and has a ton of money, but he works for the bus system....  there’s got to be a way that he got all of this money.  But regardless, he took us all out to a way good lunch and ice cream, and then drove us around to a couple Bergs.  They were all really pretty.  Today, we are going over to another members and playing games and stuff.  Also, we are piercing Sister Busath's ears...  pretty excited about that one! 

I love the branch here!  It's pretty small, but it is like one big family, and I already feel apart of it.  We have FHE at the church every Monday night, and last week was a big FHE.  The sweet part of Münster is that there are always a ton of non members at activities too.  So all of the members and investigators came to FHE, we all had dinner together, and played games, and Sister Busath and I gave a thought about how the Book of Mormon answers questions of the soul.  It was really powerful, and we challenged every one to think of a question, and then we all read Mosiah 4 together.  Every single person in that room got an answer to their question.  That was a spiritual experience.

The next day, we spent a lot of time in the Hospital--haha.  There were a few members / less actives in there that we visited.  We also talked to a bunch of random people, and we realized that people in the hospital are really open to hearing happy news, a.k.a. the gospel.  Look at the scriptures.  They would go and administer to the sick all the time, these people are definitely humbled!  Well, we will try and see how it works out.  Can’t hurt, huh?

On Wednesday, we had Zone Conference and we all said goodbye to President Schwartz and Sister Schwartz.  That was a sad day.  The Düsseldorf Zone wrote a goodbye song for them and sang it, and they both started crying, and it was just a really tender moment.  Then our zone showed a video they made of missionaries doing their best Präs interpretations.  That was classic.  "But above all, keep your face".  (faith).  Ah man, I am going to miss President.  We are meeting our new president tomorrow, and I am sure that he is a great man, but there is just something special about President Schwartz.  He really is the definition of love.  Sister Schwartz too. 

That night, we had a lesson with Anna and her family.  I love this girl.  She is seriously something special.  She just loves the gospel and is so happy and is just great.  Her family loves the church too, but they just don’t quite get it yet.  But one day, they will all be baptized and it will be great and they will be able to be sealed as a family for time and all eternity.  Until then, we are going through the new member lessons with Anna, while teaching her family at the same time.  It makes for a great appointment where Anna just bares strong testimony and we all learn so much.  The family can notice a change in Anna, and it makes them want that peace and happiness just that much more. 

Thursday morning, I got to meet a less active named Bianca.  She wants to work towards getting her Patriarchal blessing, and so we are going through the lessons again, and helping her.  She came to church on Sunday, so that was awesome!  She also wants to quit smoking, and so next week, we are doing a fast with her.  The first day, we will fast from food and water, and then the second day, we aren’t going to eat any sweets.  She is going to go two days without smoking.  I am praying that she will really have the Kraft to do so.  I think she can do it.  She definitely has the desire, and that is the most important part. 

That night was probably the most depressing night ever.  We went to Janeide's house, a less active from Brazil, and watched the Fußball game again Germany.  My American pride was hurt a little bit that night.  We had decked out in red, white and blue, and then America lost.  That was sad.  That travel home was pretty depressing.  Everyone was outside cheering, waving their Germany flags and celebrating.  Oh well, we still went forward.  We have a member giving us the updates on everything, so it’s all good.  At least we weren’t watching the game with a native German...

Friday we went back and met with Anna and her cousin, Sophia.  We helped Sophia with her English homework, and then she sat in as we taught Anna again.  We are teaching Sophia’s mom, Maikl, and she is pretty promising, but Sophia doesn’t believe in God at all.  But after listening to Anna talk, and say how much God has helped her, she found it interesting, and agreed to sit in next time we came back.  So hopefully we can help her too. 

Saturday, we had a sweet street display about the Familie.  We contacting people on eternal families, and how to do FHE, and it was amazing how much more open these people were.  They love talking about their families, and we had a ton of great conversations.  We also had a table laid out with tons of books of Mormon in all different languages.  Best part of that day probably was a family came up and they were from Brazil.  They had interest, but no one could understand them, so I tried speaking Spanish with them, and we were able to communicate enough where I gave them a book of Mormon and explained our basic beliefs.  They said they would read the Book of Mormon and look up the church in Brazil, so that was sweet. 

Yesterday was also great.  Dooring, visiting teaching, and a less active appointment.  We realized this week was the fourth of July, so we are having a big American party with the youth this week.  It is going to be SICK.

I love my mission.  I don’t want it to end.  I have learned so much in this last week alone, but the thing I have probably realized the most is how necessary it is to have a Savior.  Somebody asked me that question.  "Why do we need Jesus Christ when God is all powerful and can save us?" Not going to lie, I didn’t know how to answer that question.  So I made it a topic of my study.  I was reading a lot about grace and justice, and what I learned is that without Christ, God could not extend grace.  He would be a just God, and give us punishment according to our works, but He could not extend grace to make up for our mistakes.  He could not be merciful.  But luckily we have the atonement, and we have a Savior, and we have grace and mercy.  I am so grateful for that, and grateful for the peace that comes from this knowledge.  God lives, Christ lives.  This church is His church, and it is true.

Have a great week everyone!  Love you all.

Sister Teeples 

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