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July 21, 2014

Another beautiful castle in Munster
Well, first things first, I forgot to wish Taryn a HAPPY BIRTHDAY last ZUM GEBURTSTAG VIEL GLÜCK!

I am glad to hear that things were fun in PA.  I am jealous of everything that you guys got to do, especially camping at Lake Ontario, but we will just have to go again next summer!  Also Troy, I have been praying a lot that things go well for your MCAT.  Good luck this week! 

This week was a pretty good week.  I am still loving Münster, (Not Munich, Taryn.  That's not even in my mission!), and I love Sister Busath.  It's weird though, because she is going home in three weeks, and Elder Ockey is going home in a week. I am really hoping to train / get a comp younger than me so that we can just focus on now.  We will see what happens. 

We found this old typewriter to
write our cool is this?
It was a good week, but one of the weirdest weeks on my mission.  Completely opposite from the last week, where we just had a ton of time to go contacting and finding.  Monday and Tuesday were kind of washed away with missionary obligations, and then Tuesday night, I went on a split down to Essen.  That was really fun for me.  Sister Jefferies is only in her third transfer, and so it was fun getting to help her with her German and take the lead in the lessons and everything.  I realized that it was my first day ever on my mission being with somebody younger than me...kind of sad, huh?  But it was a good day.  We had a couple of solid appointments, and then went dooring.  One of the appointments was actually a recent convert that Sister Wrathall, my last comp, baptized, and so that was really cool meeting her after hearing so much about her.  That night, we went to a Gemeindeabend, which is just like a ward game night that they have every week.  It was hilarious, because their ward is basically a bunch of old ladies, and so we just got to eat dinner and play games with all of them.  It was fun. 

The next day, we had a district meeting, and then an appointment with a family in our ward, The Dröges.  It was a really good appointment, and we taught a lesson on prayer...  which has been one of my focuses in study lately.  Afterwards, she shared that it was exactly what she was needing to hear.  I love hearing that—that what we say and teach is an answer to their prayers.  It shows that the Holy Ghost really is there guiding us.

The next day was spent mainly in Dortmund for interviews.  It was a good interview, and he gave me some good advice for my mission, but as you have probably noticed, it kind of stressed me out.  That night though, was great.  We went over and retaught Anna the Plan of Salvation.  I love that girl.  Her insight on everything is just great.  She understands things so quickly, and just has the best comments.  I learn so much from her. 

Our Pioneer Day Celebration...Kai,
standing, joined us at our party
Saturday, we finally got to go dooring some, and that was refreshing.  That day, a member in our ward, Sister Heßling, put on a Pioneer Day for our branch.  It was hilarious.  It was so hot outside, and we went to her garden, wore bonnets, picked berries, made soup and bread over the fire, and made butter.  She’s a little crazy, but it was really fun.  Our investigator, Kai, came and he just loved it.  He is having absolutely no problem fitting in with this branch.  He is super excited for our next lesson together, and told us that he wants to read 10 pages in the Book of Mormon a night so that he can really understand the story line, and get more out of it.  This guy is super cool! 

Sunday, we got to teach the lesson in Relief Society.  It was really fun.  We taught about the Holy Ghost, and how we can better listen and understand the promptings that we receive.  It was a perfect topic, because it is something Sister Busath and I have been focusing on this whole transfer.  I read an interesting quote that said that many members of the church are given the gift of the Holy Ghost, but they never fully receive it.  So I am trying my hardest to recognize and follow my promptings, and really receive this gift that Heavenly Father has given me.

Making butter on Pioneer Day
Oh, almost forgot, Sister Busath and I worked on a bit this week.  I found some really cool things!  We found someone on my line this week that needs work done, but there were no sources proving that she actually existed, so we were able to find some records on her and prove it, and now she is almost ready for the temple work!  Coolest part, she was born in Germany!  Our branch has a temple trip this September, and I was thinking how cool it would be to have her work done in her native language.  So we will see if it can happen!  It was really cool though. 
Cutest girls ever!

I am excited and nervous for this coming week.  We have some solid appointments set up and time blocked out so that we can just go dooring.  We also have transfer calls Saturday, so I will find out what is happening with my life.  I just really hope I get to finally train! 

Well, I hope that you all have a great week.  Troy, I am praying for Thursday!  You'll do great.  The rest of you, enjoy your vacation / work / whatever.  Talk to you next week.


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