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November 17, 2014

Well, it was good to hear from all of you this week.  Troy, I hope that you find out soon if you were accepted.  Taryn and Dad, I am praying that you both find something soon.  I understand completely how frustrating it is trying over and over to find, and having no success...ha-ha.  Mom and Dad, HAPPY EARLY ANNIVERSARY - 25 years!  That’s a long time.  Also, that means it’s Megan's birthday!  I will send her an email, but in case she doesn’t see it, let her know I say Happy Birthday somehow. 

Mom, I bought some boots, and don’t worry, they are nice and warm.  They have fur inside.  :) The plus side of Germany is that you can get nice boots for not too much money.  They were only 30 Euro... I have no idea how much that is in dollars, but I like them. 

Also, please send pictures of kindergarten!  Elder Lovelace talked to his mom too, and she remembers all of us, and she says hi.  That is just weird.  Such a small world!  My kindergarten classmate is now my zone leader. 

Also, all of the family letters you have sent me...I got them translated a while ago, and I want a new challenge.  An elder here knows how to read old script and he has been teaching it to me, and so if you would be so kind, send me another three or four and I can work on them.  Please do that this week!  The sooner the better!  My president would let me get on and print them out and I could use them as language study or a nice contacting tool with all the old people - ha-ha. 

As for this week…it’s been…well it’s just been.  Henrietta is doing well.  We met with her three times this week.  The last lesson we had was on Thursday, and it was just amazing.  We watched the Restoration video with her, and she was just glued to it, smiling.  And the most amazing part, her little boy was finally quiet for once, so she actually concentrated on what we were saying!  She said that she believed it happened, and read the part in the Book of Mormon, and then said an amazing closing prayer.  It was the best lesson we have had with her yet, and she asked us to come back on Saturday, and teach her some more.  We left super excited, because we felt she was finally making progress.  But then, we went over on Saturday and she wasn’t there.  We went to pick her up for church on Sunday and…she wasn’t there.  That was really disappointing.  I don’t know what is going on, but we are going by tonight, and will hopefully get in contact with her. 

We also went to visit the Carricondos family this week.  They are a less active family.  The mom and five kids are from Argentina.  We had a great lesson with them about scripture study, prayer, and making the gospel a focus in the family, and at the end, they asked us to come visit them twice a week.  So we are going to start going through the lessons with them too, and hopefully get them all reactivated.  They said that they would come to church this week, but we waited and waited and they never came.  I don’t know why, but we are going there on Tuesday, and hopefully next week will be better. 

We had two really good member lessons this week.  The Maslos and the Kearons.  I love the Kearons.  Their dad is in the Area Presidency, I think.  Anyway, they are a great family.  He wasn’t there, but we had a great dinner with all the girls, and talked about families.  We challenged them to hold a Family Home Evening and invite a non-member family and us.  They said they would talk together about which family and then let us know when we came back.  So hopefully that happens and it leads us somewhere. 

As far as increasing our teaching pool, well, we are at a grand total of one investigator.  It’s been really frustrating.  Every lead that we have ends up going nowhere.  The less-active part-member family we went by on last week, from the Dominican Republic…we went by for our appointment and they weren’t there.  The next time we went by, they were clearly home but didn’t let us in.  But we will keep trying.  Everyone else…well, we are teaching Henrietta.

It’s been hard.  I am not going to lie.  I know I need to be more positive in these letters, but then I couldn’t really tell you anything about our week, because then it would be done.  I was feeling really low on Saturday, just from everything and feeling inadequate…I kind of just feel like I am floating around here without any direction and not really knowing what I am doing.  So I called up the APs, and asked Elder McGinn for a blessing.  I am so grateful that I did. 

That blessing was exactly what I needed.  No, we don’t magically have 10 new investigators now, but he told me very clearly some things that I needed to hear.  I am clearly in Frankfurt for a reason, although I have no idea why.  But the Lord made it clear that my mission was not yet over…that I had specialized abilities that no one else in the mission has that someone here in Frankfurt needs.  I was reminded that for the next few months I still carry the name of Christ on my badge and on my chest, and that I need to use the power that comes from it.  It said that if I was faithful and obedient to the rules of the mission, I would bring someone unto Christ.  So, I am going to do that.  I need to stop comparing myself to other missionaries, or even to where I was at in Münster, and look at where I am now and just go from here.  The Lord needs me here, and I only have two months left, so I am going to give my all.  I just need to have more faith…faith that we can find, and teach and baptize.  Because why shouldn’t we? 

Well, this week, I am grateful for the priesthood.  I am grateful for the blessing from the Lord given through Elder McGinn.  I am grateful that He knows me and loves me.  I am grateful that I can improve every day—that where I am now is not where I have to be in a week, or tomorrow, or today.  The Lord promised me I would find peace in the next few months, and hopefully I can share that peace with someone else.

I love you all.  I hope that you have a wonderful week, full of success and love.  Taryn and Dad, I will be right out there, trying to find with you both.  Hopefully we all have success to share next week. 



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