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November 10, 2014

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Well, I kind of miss hearing from Troy.  He's missed the past two weeks now.  Come on, boy, write me! I only have about 10 weeks left.  You can do it! But thanks for all of the other emails.  Taryn, your week sounded awesome in California.  That would be the life, just sitting there at the beach.  Mom, glad everything went well for your ground breaking.  That is sweet that it is really happening.  Hey Mom, I have a question for you.  I may have found a kindergarten buddy.  His name is Elder Lovelace, and I just found out that he is from Tomball, Texas.  He knows the Jensen family too.  And best part? Pretty sure he was in my kindergarten class.  How crazy would that be? Was Mrs. Labou my kindergarten?  If she was, than I really, really hope you have some kindergarten class pictures that you can send me so that I can show Elder Lovelace.  That’s your task for the week. 

As for my past week…I am still trying to get used to Frankfurt.  It’s just such a big change going from Münster to here, in every way possible.  It’s really hard going from such a huge, awesome teaching pool to literally no one.  Sister Sorensen and I have been talking to so many people, and we managed to set up three appointments with potentials this week, but they all ended up falling out.  And worst part was that two of them gave us false numbers.  That really hurt.  We are trying to stay positive though.  That’s our goal for this week.  Stay positive and hopefully we will be able to find some people that speak English and give us correct numbers and come to the appointments and have interest to learn more.  That’s not too much to ask for, right? 

But at least we have good members here.  We met with the Young Women’s president, Sister Bradford this week, and it was really good.  She is really cool.  She has literally lived everywhere…China, Norway, Germany, France, USA, and probably a million other places.  She is way on top of things and always looking for ways to share the gospel, and encouraging the Young Women to do it too, so its cool.  She served a German-speaking mission too, so she understands how important the members are. 

Luckie came down from Münster this
weekend for a wedding reception and
visited us. He took us out to lunch
on Saturday. It was awesome. 
The Relief Society president is also really great.  She is from Spain and is really excited that I am here to help out all of the Spanish speakers.  My poor golden.  We can’t work with German speakers, and now because I am here, she has to sit in on all of these Spanish lessons.  So we went by on three less actives this week that she asked us to focus on, and saw some cool success from that.  We got an appointment with Sister Munoz who is originally from Nicaragua, but luckily for Sister Sorensen she lived in America for a long time so she is fluent in English.  She has the craziest life story, which I’ll have to tell you about later, but she needs the gospel so badly.  She came to church last week, and noticed a difference, so hopefully we can get her to come again.

Another family is from Argentina, and they came to the ward Halloween party my first day here.  She has the most adorable 6-year-old twin girls and three older sons, but they went inactive when they moved here.  Because they couldn't understand church, so they just stopped going.  So hopefully we can help them.  We have an appointment with them tomorrow. 

And then lastly is the family Matos Montero.  They are our MUCH NEEDED miracle story for the week.  We decided to go by them and they ended up being home and letting us right in, which is apparently really rare.  She has been less active for about 15 years, and her husband (I am actually not sure if they are married) is not a member.  They have this adorable two-year-old daughter and are both from the Dominican Republic.  We got to know them, and left a thought and asked them if they needed anything.  She said that she needed the spirit in her life again.  She then went off forever about how great her life was when she was active and how much she loves the Mormons, and how they raise the children to be good.  She said that she wanted that again in her life.  We then asked her husband if it was something he would be interested in learning more about.  He said yes.  So we set up another appointment for this week.  They both wanted to come to church this week, but dumb thing was that it was stake conference in Darmstadt, which is about an hour away by car, so they said that they would just wait until next week.  So I am really hopeful about that. 

Our one other investigator, Henrietta is also doing well.  She has a baptismal date for the 22nd, but I think we are going to have to push it back a little bit.  But we are going there again tonight, and she is going to introduce us to some of her friends, so we are excited about that. 

Other than that, well, we are sure trying.  We spend a lot of time contacting, and it’s hard to keep my golden’s spirits up when we haven’t seen much success.  I can’t blame her at all.  I remember being trained, and let’s be honest, we didn’t have much going for us, and we didn’t really find anyone to teach either.  I couldn’t help but blame myself for it, because I knew I should have been doing more.  But I guess I am just being humbled again, and having to start from the beginning.  I am just praying for some success this week though, so that Sister Sorensen can feel like she is making a difference here in Frankfurt.  I just want to start her mission off right.  And end mine right too, for that matter. 

But whatever the Lord wants, that is what will happen.  I just have to remember that people have their agency and I am here to testify and invite.  So I will continue to do that.  I have made the Atonement a huge part of my study lately, and I have realized that when it comes down to it, there are two parts, one to make a bad man good, and one to make a good man better.  One part is possible through the mercy of Christ, and one is possible through his grace.  Well, I have tried to really learn about Grace and how I can use it more in my life, because I really need this enabling power right now.  Power to change myself, so that I can change my circumstances, and make this place better.  And myself.  So that will be my goal for the next ten weeks.

I love you all.  I hope that you all have a fantastic week, and I look forward to hearing for you all next week. 

Bis dann.


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