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October 13, 2014

Hi family!

Sounds like it was another good week back home. That is way cool that Taryn got to go home and visit with her friends. That meal sounded amazing too haha. And Estes and everything. Sweet. Sometimes I miss Colorado, and then I think, Oh wait, I'm in Germany. Thats cooler. Then everythings better. Troy, that job sounds awesome. I have been praying for you with your interviews, and Dad too. Hopefully everything will work out for the best. Oh, and mom, that was a good story. Gotta love Colorado. 

My best buddy, Yannick, from Heidelberg, is serving his
mission in my zone until he gets his visa and leaves
for his mission to South Africa. I got
to see him at our last zone.
Anyways, my week. It was another busy week. Aiyana was gone the whole week on the youth stake temple trip. We saw her yesterday at Church and asked her how it was, and she said it was just amazing. She said that the temple was just beautiful and a great experience, and she had a lot of fun hanging out with the other youth in the stake, and has become really good friends with a few of the over the past few months. We looked at pictures for a long time. Her mom also went through the temple this week for the first time. I asked Sister Gionker how it was and she just couldnt stop smiling. She said that it was the most amazing thing, and that she was just so happy and felt like a little kid because she couldnt stop smiling about it. She wants to go back ASAP. It sounds like they both had a really good experience, so that is awesome.

We finally saw Elkin again this week. He has been so stressed and busy with his court case, but when he met with us, and just thanked us for our prayers, and said that he noticed them helping. He said that his problems were getting better, and that his prayers were just full of gratitude for that. Even through it all, he still has such a good outlook on life and God. He was just baring testimony to us that God was giving him these trials to help him grow stronger. We didnt have much time to meet... only 20 minutes, but we read Nephi's prayer in 2 Nephi 4 together. He just loved it, and was just going off about how he knew God would deliever him from anything. It was great. 
Raphael's doing great too. We met with him and just had a lesson focus on the Atonement. We focused the lesson straight out of Alma 7, and just bore powerful testimony of the Atonement of Jesus Christ and everything that he did for us. Raphael has a really powerful testimony in Christ. We read further in the Chapter, and then said to him, "Christ did all of this for you, so what will you do for him in return?" I honestly dont remember his exact answer, all I know is that the spirit hit really hard just then. And he proceeded to tell us that that was the way that he felt when he was really focused on his prayers - that the spirit just warmed him from Head to toe. We brought up baptism again, but he just doesnt feel ready, even though he so is! He said he wants to understand more about the Book of Mormon, and everything before he makes that step, which is understandable, but he just always says that it will take a while. No, Raphael! But the cutest thing was that at the end of his spiel, he closed with, "and I say this in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen." It was just so funny. Sister Heywood and I couldnt look at each other in fear of laughing. 

Found another one in the area we were
dooring. The history here never
ceases to amaze me.
We also met with Ola again this week. I don't think that I have really said too much about her. Her brother is an investigator in Dortmund, and she sat in on the Plan of Salvation there and was so interested, that she referred herself to us. She is just so caught up on the whole three kingdoms of heaven and hell topic, that we cant really talk about anything else, because it always goes back to it. I just never know when I should really answer her questions / how because they are all super deep doctrine, that I dont really know the answer too. Plus, I don't know how much is too much to share with her. Its a hard line. But I just feel like once she believes that, everything will just fly. Wish me luck with that one this week!

Ola's friend was doing her hair
and taught us how to weave.
The things I learn on my mission!
We also found another way cool investigator this week. His name is Damien. He stopped us on the street a few weeks ago, and asked us if we were from the church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints. He said that his dad was a member in Nigeria, and always bugging him to learn about Christs true church. So we finally got an appointment with him and it was awesome. But the beginning of the lesson was just hilarious. We go to sit on a park bench outside, and he is all nervous because there is bird poop on the bench, and he doesnt want to get pooped on. So we finally get him to sit down, and we start talking about his religious background for maybe three minutes, when all of a sudden, he gets pooped on. He FREAKS out, and just starts saying, "Ah man, I knew it. I never have luck with these birds. Man, I have poop (not the actual word he used) on me and its not even my poop! Ah crap, crap, crap" And he gets up and runs to the other pole. Oh man, Sister Heywood and I were DYING LAUGHING. It was just so funny. What are the chances? And his reaction was just priceless. Anyways, once we finally got back on topic, it was an extremely good lesson. We shared a lot with us and said that what he felt was missing in every church was love, and that he hasnt been able to feel Gods love or real happiness in a long time. We were able to bare solid testimony, and introduced the book of Mormon, and told him that if he read it, he would be able to feel the love of God more and that our message would bring him happiness. He seemed really interested, and wants that. He also is an amazing singing ,and sang gospel songs for us the walk back to the bus station. Damien is a cool guy haha.

I walk by this beautiful wall everyday!
Everyone else that we are working with are doing well. We had to drop a few people this week because they werent making much progress, but I guess that gives us more time to find some more amazing people. With how much we are being blessed, I am excited to see what comes next. 

I get to go on a split tonight! With Sister McMurray. I am super excited. I get to go to Herne and just not have to worry about being the leader for a day, and spend time with my MTC comp. Sister Heywood will be going on a split with her MTC comp too, here in Münster. Shes super stressed haha. Time to see how well I have taught her! We spent a lot of time going over trains and buses and stuff during study today, so hopefully it works out. Its going to be FUN. 

Also, I was going over my general conference notes this week, and read the one from the Womans session about light and the living Christ. I have decided to memorize it in German by the time I go home. Little scary - germans hard haha. but I have seen how after just a few days, my mind really does revolve around Christ more, and everything that he has done for us. I am just so greatful for him and am honored to wear his name on my chest every day. 

Well, I love you all! Have a wonderful week, and I will talk to you all next week! 

Tschüß :)


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