Sunday, December 21, 2014

December 1, 2014

Hello Family! 

Today marks day one of my last transfer in Germany.  That means I have six weeks left to give the Lord my all.  So that is what I am going to do. 

It sounds like you all had a fun Thanksgiving break.  What was my dinner that night?  It was Currywürst from a Christmas market stand.  Ha-ha.  No appointment, but that’s okay, because it was a way fun night.  I think that my favorite part of the emails this week was from dad.  I am pretty sure that he tried to say "Sweety" but he called me "Sweaty”—ha-ha.  Good work, Dad. 

Well, my week… 

This week we decided that we really wanted to focus on getting to know the members better, because right now Frankfurt has decided to go tourist crazy.  So, that’s what we did.  We met with five members this week, and we have another couple set up for the coming week.  We are really just trying to get to know them and help them do missionary work, especially with how easy it is during the Christmas Season.  Speaking of which, I sure hope that you have all seen / at least heard of the new church video for the Christmas season.  It is called, "He Is the Gift" and it is totally awesome.  If you haven’t watched it yet, go watch it on

I really do love the members here.  Monday night, we went to the Jacobes for dinner and Family Home Evening. They are from the Philippines, and made us a traditional dinner.  I HAVE NEVER SEEN SO MUCH FOOD BEFORE.  We had to eat soooo much.  After the second plate, I had to waddle to the bathroom to take a break—haha.  It was delicious, but just sooo much.  We ate enough food to feed an army, and then she gave us enough to take home to feed another army.  But I just couldn’t do it anymore so we gave it all to the elders—ha-ha. 

We also met with the Smiths and Nowaks.  The Smiths are from England, and Sister Nowak is from Chile.  Her family actually lives in the mission that Troy served in.  Her original name is Cruz Leon.  It was awesome.  She has lived here for the past ten years, but maybe you know her family, Troy?

The Southalls are also from England.  They taught me cool English sayings like "I'm gutted" which means, “I am so disappointed”.  They are way cute.  We are going back in a few weeks to go carol with them to their neighbors and hand out “Joy to the World” DVDs and cookies.  Ja wohl!

Auri is from Ireland.  It’s crazy because my bishop’s daughter from Heidelberg served in her ward.  So I got to hear more stories about Sister Henkel.  She is way cool and is here as a nanny.  She is trying to get her other nanny friend to come to church with her. 

So yes…members.  We really hope that will help us out, i.e., finding English speakers.  It’s the best way to go, right?  That’s what the prophets say.  But when we weren’t with them, we were sure trying our hardest.  We found two new investigators this week.  One is a girl that lives with Angie and Victor.  I am not quite sure if they are related or not, but I think so.  She is also from the Dominican Republic, and her name is Rosie.  She sat in on one of our lessons with Victor, and read with us from the Book of Mormon.  It was really cool.  Victor is doing well.  We had a few appointments fall out this week, but when we were there, it went well.  We were able to read from Book of Mormon with him, and got him more excited about it.  It was a bummer though, because we went to go pick them up for church yesterday, and they came out and said that Angie’s mom was sick, so they were going to go visit her.  Hopefully next week!

The Elder next to me, Elder Sievers, got
his mission call to Colorado, Denver South! 
The other new investigator is Grace.  She is a woman that we found from the area book.  She met with the missionaries about a year ago, and then went to Ghana on vacation and lost contact.  But she seems excited to meet with us again, and asked us to start at the beginning so that she could remember everything.  She mentioned that she would see our temple in Ghana all the time, and wouldn’t stop saying how big it was—ha-ha. 

Henrietta isn’t really progressing anymore.  We are meeting with her again on Tuesday, and making a decision about whether to go forward or not.  We are hoping that more member involvement will get her progressing again. 

So yeah, solid people to work with.  But we are trying for more.  Obviously.  The thing is though, Frankfurt just turned into Tourist Central.  The Christmas markets went up this week, which I just LOVE (we are going there today) but it also means that everyone is there, and most people are not living here.  But, there are definitely many people to talk to about the Christmas holiday.  On Thursday, one of the sets of elders and us didn’t have any Thanksgiving appointments, so we got some wrapping paper, rolled it out, and wrote on it, "Happy Thanksgiving!  Wofür sind Sie dankbar?" (What are you thankful for?) We just walked around the markets and stopped people and they wrote on it, and we got into a lot of good discussions about things we are grateful for, like eternal families, or Christ during the season, and it was great.  We are going to start doing it more with different questions. 

Yes, that was our week.  If the missionaries there have any cool ideas of how they are working with the members during Christmas time, let me know!  I am open and ready for ideas. 

I love you all, and I LOVE the Christmas season.  The markets are just magical, and people are more open to talking about the real meaning of Christmas, which is Christ.  So go out and share that with others. 

Have a great week!

Love, Savannah 

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