Monday, May 26, 2014

May 12, 2014

It's greening up with summer
around the corner...
Hey Familie! 

It was great talking to all of you yesterday.  I'm glad to see that not much has changed back home.  Dad still gets flustered and Mom asks about food, and Taryn and Troy just laugh at everyone...yup, that’s my family.  But I love it.  It sounds like things are going well back home.  I can’t believe it is snowing in Colorado still.  The weather was super hot here, and then all of a sudden, it got really raining...dumb.  We are hoping our Sport Abend still works out tonight!

Well this week was...  interesting.  We had eight appointments fall through.  I think that was a new record!  But good news, we got almost all of them rescheduled.
Our ghetto net...
Besides everything falling through, we still had some a good week.  Last Monday, our Family Home Evening for the JAEs (Young Single Adults) was a success.  All of the BYU students came and also a ton of our Young Single Adults.  It was great.  We realized about an hour before that Germany is really dumb.  We thought that all we would have to bring was the Volleyball net and a ball (which the church had), but in Germany, it turned out that you have to bring the ENTIRE thing.  Poles and all.  Well, the church had no poles, so being ghetto Americans, we decided to improvise.  We took the soccer goal poles and reconnected them so that they were a really long pole, dug a huge hole in the ground and then tied the net awkwardly to it...  it didn’t stay up straight, so two people had to hold it at all times so that it didn’t collapse...but it worked!  We played our volleyball.  And all the while, the other Germans looked at us as if we were crazy.  Naja.  We also had a sweet game of Ultimate Frisbee.  Two guys joined us and we talked with them for a while, and got their numbers, so that was a success.  They want to come again and bring their friends. 

This week, we worked with members on missionary work.  The Elders Quorum president loves us now.  He took us out to a really nice Chinese buffet, and some Young Women came with was a little awkward at first, but it was then really good.  He told us his conversion story.  He was baptized in 2007 and the missionaries just found him on the street.  He just was called as Elders Quorum president.  He is excited, but nervous.  I’m glad that he likes us so much now though.  We were at our ward activity, and he was just bringing us around and introducing us to all of the less actives and friends.  It was great. 

The last picture of our district before
Transfer 6.  How is that possible?
We also met with a really cool newly wed family, the VonRauchhaupts.  He served his mission in Australia, and she served in Temple Square.  They both want ideas on how to do member missionary work, and they want to help baptize a family...pretty cool goal I think.  They are hilarious too. 

Our ward had a really cool activity on Saturday.  It was a music concert.  People from the ward signed up and played their songs.  Many of the little kids played their trumpet / piano / recorder / whatever they play, and then many adults did something too.  Our ward is talented.  A few of them are in an actual band, so they brought their band and played for us.  We invited a ton of people, and a few came, which was cool.  There was a good turn out.  Many people invited their friends, and afterwards there was a dinner and we were able to talk with a ton of people, so it was sweet.  

Sunday was really cool, though.  As I told you already, there were 50 people in the Spanish sacrament meeting.  50!  That is bigger than some branches here in Germany.  Afterwards, there was a big lunch with all of the Spanish people, so we nosed our way in and got to eat with them.  There were a ton of nonmembers there, which I talked with, but sadly none of them live in our area.  Some of them live in Ecuador, so maybe Ethan will meet them at some point!  Haha.  Also, Cathy and Michelle came to church again!  Michelle loves church.  Whenever they go to leave, Michelle just looks at her mom and asks "Schon?" (Already?)  It’s great.  We finally get to go over there on Tuesday, and will see if Michelle wants to be baptized.  If she says yes, I am thinking June 13th...haha—my birthday.  We will see.  Lisa was a church in Heidelberg today!  She was here visiting the Schiffmanns.  I love Lisa!  She is so cute, and I am so grateful I got to play a part in her conversion.  I hope that I can still be here in Heidelberg when she moves here for good. 

Beth Taylor with her kids.
She’s traveling to Provo this summer
and wants to meet Troy and Taryn. 
Well, that’s really all.  This week, we have a lot of lessons planned.  If all goes well, it will be a good week!  We have been successful in street contacts with the Asian population…they’re open to talking with others. They love it, and they are so nice.  Pretty soon, I feel like all of my investigators will be Chinese people.  China needs to open up soon.  These people are just so open to the gospel!  We found three new potentials this week alone. 

Well, it was good seeing all of you yesterday on Skype!  I am glad that you all look so happy, and that I was able to actually see Taryn's face.  Oh and I DID NOT MAKE UP THAT GERMAN.  That is really how you say best friend. 

And Troy, I loved that quote that you sent.  It’s true, and is something that I have been realizing more and more lately.  This work isn’t for me, it is for all of the people around me that are searching.  I loved that point that you made where it really is a lifelong commitment and that when we realize that, it is a miracle that they are baptized.  I loved seeing Lisa this week, and seeing how see really is a different person.  She is just at peace, and she knows what she has committed too.  I hope that we can all realize that too.

Well, I wish you all the best.  Bis später!


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