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September 15, 2014

My trainer, me, and my golden! So precious. 
 Hello Family! 

Mom and Dad, it sounds like you two had a really good weekend at the temple!  I think that it is really cool that you were able to do work for so many people in our family.  I know that they are sure happy and grateful for everything that you did.  Troy, I hope that you do well on your phone interview and get some more calls.  Ill pray for that.  Taryn, I am sorry that you are so stressed out and don’t really know what to do next.  Have you ever considered serving a mission?  It’s a nice year and a half break where all you really need to worry about is other people’s salvation…ha-ha.  But really.  Maybe that could help give you some guidance or direction?  I don’t know if you have ever considered it, but maybe you should.  As far as going home, I think I will just stay until January.  I love my mission, and I don’t want to regret what I might miss out on, even if it was just three more weeks.  A lot can happen in just three weeks.  As far as still coming out, if that is still an option, then ja.  I didn’t know if you could since it would be the end of January with work and school and everything, but that would be cool. 

Our fail of an English class opening. Two
crazies and two cute Asians that named
the teams dragon and panda.
Anyways, this week.  Interesting week.  But first things first, Aiyana will be baptized in 2 weeks!  Well, less than 2 weeks, now.  I am so excited!  We are just finishing up the lessons, and then she is READY.  This week, we taught about the Word of wisdom, which she said that she had never done any of it, and never wants too.  Quite refreshing after seeing everyone and their mom smoking in Germany.  Seriously, EVERYONE here smokes.  Its sad how used to it I have become.  I feel like I will go home and just be so confused because people won’t smoke.  I don’t even remember, do people even smoke in America?  Auf jedenfall, we also taught about service and missionary work and then today, we are going shopping with her and helping her find a cute, modest skit for her baptism.  Then we are teaching about the priesthood!  I am super excited to go shopping with her...  I am getting sick of my skirts…ha-ha.  Tomorrow we are going over the baptismal interview questions, and then she will have her actual interview next week.  We will practice the baptism and then, SHE WILL GET BAPTIZED.  She will be my first investigator that I have taught, and actually get to see the baptism.  I am SO EXCITED.  Oh man.  That’s going to be a great day. 

We also had our English Club kick off this week.  That ended up being the biggest fail ever.  Four people came... two cute Asians (which was good), and then two weirdos.  Sorry, but true.  One guy was definitely crazy.  We tried later to go dooring at student dorms to invite more people to this week’s club, but that ended up being a fail too.  We did get asked on two dates, though. 

I think the weirdest one however was one guy.  His room was pitch dark and he cracked open the door, and asked us what we wanted.  We invited him to our English class, and he said, "Do you have any weapons?" Uhhh.....what?  We said no, and he told us to prove it and hold our hands up, so we did, then he said, “Turn around.”  Um sorry guy but I am not turning my face away from you.  I told him no and said, "Will you just take our English flier".  His response?  "No, I dont trust you." Okay guy...didn’t want you there anyway.  Definitely some strange ones.  But they make for some really good stories later.  If only I had a book for all of my dooring experiences.  I have yet to actually find anyone interested in gospel that way though....if any of you have any tips, I’m all ears. 

We got super lost on the way to a
less actives and ended up in
Everswinkel. I hate
Everswinkel now. 
We had some extra time on Wednesday, so we decided to go and visit a less active that lived pretty far away.  But she had been someone I had wanted to visit for a while.  It ended up being quite the adventure.  We got off of the bus too early, in the middle of nowhere, and had to wait another 30 minutes for the next bus.  There was absolutely nothing around, so we couldn’t even go dooring or anything.  But it ended up being for a reason, because we ended up getting there right when she got home.  We had a nice visit with her.  She wasn’t really interested in coming back right now, because her family isn’t super supportive.  We offered to do service for her, and she seemed really grateful.  We are going to go back once she gets back from her cruise.  It ended up being a really good visit, but we missed our bus home by ten minutes.  It was getting late by this time, and the next bus didn’t come for another hour.  So we tried doing some contacting without luck, and finally got on the bus, which didn’t actually end up taking us the entire way home.  It ended up dropping us off at that same stop in the middle of nowhere and the next bus came in an hour.  Just our luck.  We finally got home, super late.  Well, now we know.  Visit Sister Bausch during the day. 

Anna’s doing well.  We helped her out with Seminary this week, and on Wednesday we are going to teach their family how to have a Family Home Evening.  She is really excited, so I am also excited.  I love that family, and Maya is making treats so it’ll be good.  As long as it isn’t more Georgian delicacies.  Sad part of that day, her dog ate what was left of my shoe.  It got really destroyed.  Sister Gionker said it was about time someone took the matter into their hands to make me buy new shoes.  I am going to miss them though. 

Our other investigators are doing well too.  Raphael FINALLY got back from his trip.  He texted us this morning, and said that he missed us and has been reading in the Book of Mormon and is excited to meet with us.  That will be good.  It has been forever I feel like since we have seen him.  The rest…well, we managed to get Books of Mormon in Urdu and Arabic, so we have been teaching them a lot from the Book of Mormon.  I am so grateful for that book, and that it is translated into so many different languages.  It has really forced us to use it as the center of our teaching, which is great, because that’s where the spirit really comes into play.  Elicia came to church this Sunday, and really liked it, although she said that her head hurt afterward because of the language...  I understand, Elicia!

The Sethi Family! 
But probably the best part of this week was on Friday.  We were able to go down to Frankfurt to hear from Elder Ballard.  It was a lot of traveling, because we missed a ton of our trains due to Verspätung, but the 9 hours of travel was totally worth it to hear from an apostle of the Lord.  The second that he walked into the room, the spirit was so strong.  It was just an added testimony that this man, other apostles, and the prophet are all called of God.  This church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints, really is the Lord’s church restored on this earth today.  He talked a lot about the power that we have as missionaries, and that we are the way that these people will feel the spirit and feel the truth.  He stated over and over how conversion is all about FEELING.  At the start, it is almost never the doctrine, but the way that investigators feel that make them want to continue.  He said that our attitude and outlook have to be in a way so that others can feel this spirit.  If we don’t carry it, there is no way they will.  He said that we really need to study the doctrines so that we can teach them in a way that will help them personally, and want to make changes in their lives.  I love what he concluded with.  He told us, "But above all else, get to know the Lord." That is what we are here to do, and when we do that, we will be able to help others too.  I know that he is called of God and led to say what Heavenly Father wants us and needs us to hear.  What Elder Ballard said on Freitag was exactly what I needed.

I am excited for another week here in Münster!  I love Sister Heywood and am so glad that I can work with her.  She is a great companion, and this is a great world!

I hope you all have a wunderbares week, and I will talk to you all next week!  Love you.


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