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August 18, 2014

 Well, can I just say that I am more than just a little relieved about Matt.  He has been in my prayers every night, and I emailed him last week, but he didn’t reply.  Tell him that he better reply to me before he goes in to the MTC!  I am so glad that he is still choosing to go.  That makes me really happy. 

And news on coming home…I am praying and hoping that my mission president lets me go home in time for the semester.  I have been emailing Elder Ockey (I guess he's Dan now...) and he has been home only a few weeks and he is going crazy.  And he starts school really soon!  I don’t know what I would do if I had to sit around for that whole time, and I am not a fan of the block classes.  I did that with Spanish, and having it every single day is just too much.  I know that whatever happens should happen, but I just hope that it happens how I want—haha. 

Until I cross that bridge, I am loving my mission.  And I am still loving training.  I really don’t even feel like I am training.  Ja, her German isn’t too good, but she doesn’t let that hold her back.  She holds her own on her part in lessons, isn’t afraid to speak during dooring, and is just not afraid to talk to people.  Zum Beispiel (for example), we had a really cool miracle this week.  So we were trying to find this potential’s house, and we just couldn’t find it.  Well, we didn’t want to just go all the way out here, get frustrated that it wasn’t there and then give up and leave, so we decided to go dooring in the area.  Well, like usual, nobody had interest, and it was getting late, so we decided to head to the bus stop to go home.  At the bus stop, there was a guy, who kept looking at us, and he had really broken German, but he kept saying awkward little comments to us, and smiling.  We were a little weirded out, but felt like we should talk with him.  But the bus came, and we got on.  He sat down across the isle, and didn’t really look at us.  Well, behind us in the bus was this lady breast-feeding her baby, which was completely awkward.  The bus hit a bump and her stuff went everywhere.  So Sister Heywood went and helped her, and came back and sat closer to the guy.  Then, she just started talking to him.  Within a minute, we learn that he is from Spain, so I practically jumped out of my seat, and start speaking to him.  Turns out he is living here, but has seen our church everywhere in Spain, and wanted a Book of Mormon.  He told us all about his life, and we ended up getting off the bus with him, taking him to the church, and giving him a tour, and setting up an appointment for tomorrow night.  Thank you, Sister Heywood.  We now have a potential Spanish investigator, and I am so excited!

We also met with Aiyana a lot this week.  She is awesome.  She already is reading in the Book of Mormon every day and has her own marking system.  She is wanting to do missionary work, and believes everything already.  She has such a strong testimony.  She starts school again on Wednesday, and once she gets her schedule, we will set up a baptismal date!  We are all just so excited.  I just love Aiyana. 

We also had another lesson with Sister Lutzack.  I love her.  She is this little old lady who is super shy, but wants more than anything else to share the gospel.  So we went over and did role-plays with her.  She was so cute.  She would talk about the weather for like three minutes, and then just give testimony of how it was from God.  And then after, she was so proud of herself.  I just couldn’t stop smiling.  We got her to agree to joint teach with us tonight for Rafael, and that in itself is a miracle.  She was so nervous, but I just couldn’t be more excited.  It’s going to be a great lesson. 

We met with Bianca, our less active, again this week too.  That was a sad appointment.  She hadn’t responded to our texts or calls, and so we stopped by after church.  Turns out she sold her phone for money to go to Holland and smoke marijuana.  I couldn’t believe it.  I let her know how I felt about that, and made her promise me she would never do it again.  She wouldn’t promise me, but I don’t think she will do it for a while.  I just don’t know what to do with her.  We have really good appointments, and while we are there, she wants to change, and come to church and read in the Book of Mormon, and stop smoking and everything, and then the second we are gone, she forgets everything.  I just don’t know where to go from here.  BIANCA! 

We went finding a lot this week, and were able to find some people that are interested, so we are pretty excited about this week.  We have a couple solid potential appointments set up for this week, which will be awesome.  The funny part is that none of them are native Germans.  I guess it’s not that funny, but more often than not, we are teaching Ausländers.  That’s probably why Aiyana is such a miracle to me.  But this week, we have a person from Spain, Costa Rica, and from somewhere in the Middle East.  Just so you all know, I love Germans.  Seriously.  They are amazing people, and I would probably live here in a heartbeat, but I just have to say, they aren’t a big fan of dooring.  So we decided to go in an area where it wasn’t really natives.  We door the building, and no one is really interested, but they are all super nice.  We had a couple of really good conversations, and it was just really fun.  And then Sister Heywood turn to knock on the door was up.  We get to this door, and I told her, "Hey, this name is actually a German name.  I think they are the only natives in this building." She just looked at me and says, “Oh great.”  But she klingels.  This cranky man answered, and she told him that we believed in Christ, and asks if he believed in Christ, too.  He leaned over and just yelled, “NEIN!”  But to her credit, she asked him if he wanted to, and he did the same thing.  He leaned over, stuck out his butt, and just said “NEIN!”  After he shut the door, we both just couldn’t help but to crack up.  We had to take a moment before we kept going.  It was just to classic.  "Hey look, a native lives here" and then “NEIN.”  Thank you, old man, for being the stereotype. 

But I love Germany.  The people may seem closed off at first, but once you break that initial contact, they are the most loving, helping, down to earth people ever.  I want you to meet my branch.  They are just hilarious.  And I just love them.  They really are like my family.  I gave my first talk in sacrament meeting yesterday in German, and just felt so comfortable.  And then afterward, they all just gave me compliments and said my German was great.  That was pretty good.  When I go home, I will fight against all of these stereotypes about the Germans.  Except for this man— haha.  He was classic German. 

The mission is a great place.  I love seeing people change and grow in faith.  I love training.  I seriously learn so much every day.  It really pushes me to be on my top at all moments.  I have never been so tired, but also never so grateful.  Cool things are happening, and I am glad to be apart of it.

Oh Troy, I gave Sister Heywood a copy of The Fourth Missionary, and she just loved it.  She said to tell you thank you.

I love you all and hope that you have a great week! 

Sister Teeples 

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