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March 31, 2014

Mom...Zum Geburtstag, Viel Glück!  Alles gute.  Also, Troy and Alyssa…Happy Anniversary!  It sounds like you all had a great weekend.  It is weird to see pictures of you all because I kind of forget that I had a life before my mission...haha.  I am glad that you all had fun together in Utah.  It is weird to think that a year ago I had just gotten my mission call and we were at Troy’s wedding...time is strange.

Well my life is upside down right now.  We found out on Friday that Sister Petersen is opening an area and training, and I will be taking over Heidelberg.  I am excited for Sister Petersen.  She will do great.  My new companion’s name is Sister Rathel.  I know absolutely nothing about her, so it will be interesting.  I will miss Sister Petersen though.  We just got along so well together.  I am excited for a new adventure.  This Wednesday, we are both going up to Frankfurt and Sister Petersen will get her new golden and then on Thursday I will come back with Sister Rathel.

We made this last week together great.  Most of our investigators were on vacation this week, so we really didn't have too many appointments with them.  Well, we really only had one.  That was with Rufina, and she hasn’t been progessing.  As nice as she is, I want to work with people that really want to listen to us.  I am super excited though, because Kristin comes back this week!  I have missed her so much.  This next weekend is General Conference, so it is perfect.  I feel like the thing that she struggles with the most is the idea of modern day prophets.  The Taylors said that we can have her over at their house during conference and watch it together, and I think that is exactly what Kristin needs.  So hopefully, it will all work out well. 
We did work a lot with the less actives this week though and they are all doing great.  Danielle and her husband came to the fireside on Friday, and they both had a great time.  They were both socializing, and people were coming up to them and talking with them.  It was great.  I love it when less actives start depending less on the missionaries and more on the ward.  That is exactly how it should be. 

We had a really successful street display this week.  We drew with chalk Lehi’s Dream.  It was so cool.  We had the Tree of Life with the fruit and the iron rod, and we wrote a scripture from the Book of Mormon to go along with it.  So many people stopped and it was so easy to talk to them about the Book of Mormon.  Sister Petersen and I had highlighted the dream and Nephi’s interpretation in the Books of Mormon, so we just showed them the passages, explained what the Book of Mormon was exactly and then asked them to read the passages later.  A lot of people were really interested and said that they would.  We loved it.  We want to start drawing different book of Mormon stories every week.  We also stopped a group of people from China that are here studying.  All four of them ended up coming to church yesterday, and they are coming for conference next week!  It was so great.

Speaking of Books of Mormon…remember that goal that Sister Petersen and I had to give out 20 this week?  We did it!  We actually did it.  We gave out all 20, and found a couple potentials!  It was so great.  Here in Germany, that number is unheard of.  But now that I did it, I don't know why.  We just talked to people everywhere we went, and although they weren’t all interested, they took the book and were grateful.  We did get some numbers and so we need to call them up.  It really was refreshing though!  We know have some new people that are interested and ready to hear the gospel. 

Sunday was probably the weirdest day on my mission.  Pretty much everything that could go wrong, went wrong, but somehow we still had the best luck: It started off with our district leader not telling us that the time changed.  So we were getting ready and we got a call from our Asian investigators saying they would be late to the bus stop.  I was way confused because it was only 8 and we said we would meet them at 9.  Then we realized that the time changed and we ran out of the apartment.  By some luck, the train was early and we caught the bahn, which we never do, and they were on that same bahn.  Then, during church, we had a ton of visitors, but the primary subject was on missionary work, and three different classes asked us to come be surprise guests.  So we were running around like crazy, and then after Sister Petersen took a bunch of goodbye pictures, we realized that we both forgot our keys in the apartment.  So we waited outside the building until the elders came.  We spent 30 minutes trying to break into our apartment, but had no luck, and we were not happy.  (Locksmiths cost 200 euro).  We went and chilled with the senior couple and did our study, and they made tacos.  We then went to our bishop’s home and had a goodbye dinner.  The Familie Parra was there too.  I was so sad.  They are leaving back to Spain.  He was offered a really good job there and so they are moving on Friday.  They are one of my favorite families, and so that was a sad dinner.  It was also crazy because I spent the whole night translated between the two families.  Then at 10:30, we got back to our apartment and waited until the tech elders from Frankfurt got there.  They had a spare key and were able to unlock our apartment.  By about 11, we were finally in our room. 
It was seriously the craziest day, and I was just done, but somehow it was still a good day.  I have realized that about the mission.  Even when everything goes wrong, things still go right.  You just have to laugh it off and keep going. 

I am excited for this week.  It is going to feel like a dream.  We have a ton of goodbye appointments, and then I am going to Frankfurt for two days.  I will be back with my new companion, and then it is conference weekend!  By the end of it, I feel like I won’t know what happened, but it will be great.  I cannot wait for conference!  We are so blessed to be able to hear from the prophet and apostles.  Oh, on the mission, it is seriously better than Christmas! 

Well, I love you all.  A ton of my friends emailed me this week, so I am going to try and write some of them back!  Have a great week! 

Liebe, Savannah 

Sister Teeples 

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