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March 3, 2014

Beautiful Germany...
Thanks for all of the letters this week, Familie!  I love hearing from you all, and I look forward to hearing about what is going on back home.  I also love the little add-ins about Sparky.  I can't wait to see that little mop again.  I can't believe that it is already März.  I am over here having a little freak out because tomorrow is the 4 of März and that means that I have been in Deutschland for 6 months.  6 MONTHS.  I remember thinking before my mission that after being in Germany for 6 months, I would be fluent.  Haha—funny joke huh?  Some days, I feel pretty good, but most of the time, I still just barely slide by.  I realized that coming into the mission, I really had no clue what to expect.  I know, though, that the Lord is helping me, and everything that I need to say or do, I am able to.  That is a blessing.  Just having a little midlife crisis though—haha.  Who knows, maybe tomorrow I will wake up and be completely fluent! 

This was probably the weirdest week on the mission for me.  Sister Petersen and I called so many people, and tried to schedule so many appointments, but for some reason nothing was working out.  Well, like always, Heavenly Father has a better plan that we do, and we saw exactly why we couldn’t get any appointments scheduled. 

Tuesday was probably the weirdest day.  I don't know how much I can say, but that morning, we got a really weird text from a less active that we have been working with.  We ended up dropping everything and spending the day with her.  The senior couple came up with us, and we all just spent a while talking.  The whole way up, I was praying for help.  Dad, it is exactly like what you were saying in your email—I had no clue what to say or do on the way up, but as we got there, everything just flowed perfectly.  By the end, she was a lot calmer and happier.  It is always amazing to see how the presence of the Holy Ghost can change someone.  I think one of my favorite things about the mission is the appointments when I can noticeably see a change from the beginning of the appointment to the end. 

The next day was probably one of the most exciting days for me.  We have been working a lot with Danielle.  She has been making a ton of progress in coming back to church.  We were with her on Wednesday, and she said that she wanted to meet with the bishop.  While we were with there, she called him up and made an appointment for that night.  She was nervous to go, so we took the bus down with her and waited while she met with him.  I wish I had a picture to show of when she walked out.  She looked so happy and comforted.  She said she was so glad she went, and that the bishop gave her a blessing and it was exactly what she needed to hear.  I was so happy for her. 
The next day, we met with Kristin.  I just love her.  She is making so much progress and I am super excited for her.  We asked her to read Alma 32 about faith, and then the one question that she had from the chapter was the one verse where it talks about baptism.  We ended up talking a ton about what baptism means and signifies and gave her 2 Nephi 31 to read.  She was really excited about.  She is so prepared, and I love meeting with her.  Troy, it’s funny that you mentioned opening with hymns, because for that lesson, Beth and Bryce, the members that we teach her with, started out the lesson by singing a hymn with the guitar.  It was amazing.  The spirit was instantly there and stayed the whole time. 

Let the March Madness begin...
The week, district meeting was way kühl.  Elder Boyd gave an awesome lesson to introduce something we are doing this month.  He showed a Mormon message, "Flecks of Gold" and talked about how we as missionaries are always looking for those big miracles that sometimes we overlook the small flecks that add up to these big things of gold.  He challenged us to be more as the prospector and collect the small flecks.  Well, this week, our Zone started our own version of "March Madness" where we have a focus week every week, to reflect on all of our goals that Präsident has given us and also to think about all of the miracles we have witnessed and share.  Our district decided to name our team "The Prospectors" because we are cheesy like that, and every night, we had to call up our "Prospector Buddies" and tell them about the small flecks of gold that we saw that day.  It has been cool, because I find myself looking for and appreciating all of the small wunders that happen throughout the day.  It is cool to hear about their success too. 

Probably the coolest wunder that we saw this week was when we decided to do a visit to a past investigator that Sister Petersen had worked with.  We ended up meeting her entire family and sharing a thought with her daughter.  Her Tochter told us how her mom's mom had just passed away last week, and that this might not be a good time.  She then changed her mind and told us, "Actually, that might be exactly why you are here.”  It was so cool.  We ended up going back on Saturday and teaching Frau Schill the Plan of Salvation.  It was amazing.  At the end of the lesson, she told us “Thank you.  I know now that my mom is in a good place."  It was so great. 

Probably the funniest thing that happened this week was our street display.  This week in Germany was something called Fasching, which is this crazy carnival where people dress up and get drunk and everything.  We had to be in early every night since Thursday.  Needless to say, there were a ton of tourists—especially from Japan.  They were EVERYWHERE.  Sister Petersen can say about three Japanese words and so she kept saying them to all of the tourists, and they were so excited.  I think we are in about 300 Japanese tourist pictures now, rocking the nice peace signs.  Sister Petersen pulled out a Japanese Book of Mormon, and one of the girls was so excited.  She was just like OOOHHH WOOOAAH.  Oh man, it was so priceless. 

I am really excited about is a fiesta that we are planning with the Spanish group.  At the end of this month, we are going to do a "Fiesta de los Paises" which is a party of the countries.  Every other month, we will do one on a country that a member is from.  Well, most are from Spain, so that is our first focus.  Sister Petersen and I are in charge of ideas, so we have been meeting with all of the families from Spain and getting ideas for activities.  Can I just say, that this is going to be the best Spanish party anyone will ever go to in Germany.  We are going to advertise it like crazy and hopefully it will be awesome.  We are really excited.

Well I hope that you all have a WUNDERBAR week.  Go find your own flecks of gold, and then share them with me!  (Go watch the video too.  It’s a good one—haha).  I am really excited for March.  It will really be a month of miracles!  Sister Petersen and I have high hopes, and we are excited to see what will happen.  I wish I could remember what verses they were, but I found some cool scriptures in John about harvesting and reaping, and that is exactly what we plan to do.  I can’t wait to go and find some gold. 

I love you all.  I can't wait to hear from all of you next week.  And I am hoping that tomorrow I become fluent, and that I forget English and won’t understand your letters at all.  That would be cool.  Pray for that for me—haha.

Love, Savannah

Oh, I forgot something else.  My ward is just so cool.  My bishop wants us to really gain the wards trust and so he is setting up something where the missionaries will meet with a member daily.  It'll be just like in the US, where the missionaries have a dinner appointment nightly with members.  That is just a fairy tale here in Germany, so we are so excited darüber.  

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