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September 9, 2013

At the MTC...Packing for Germany
Hallo from Deutchland!   

Forewarning...I don’t have much time and these keyboards are funky, so mom you’re in for a treat with editing :)

So, it’s been a crazy few days!  I am officially in Germany.  It was so fun to talk to you all and I love getting all of your emails.  My new area is Nürnburg.  It is in Southeast Germany and it is one of Hitler's main stomping grounds…pretty interesting.  The language is crazy.  They speak  Byrish here, which is a very strong dialect.  My trainer has only been out for two transfers so even she does not understand anything.  So pretty much I just smile and nod when my companion does...  seems to be working thus far…haha.  Oh well, it'll come eventually.  I can't expect to understand everything after only a couple weeks. 

My trainer's name is Sister Weber.  She is from California and she has been out about three months.  She just finished being trained herself, so really we are just learning together.  That will be quite interesting.  We both have the same problem about being confident enough to talk to random people, so that has become one of both of our goals.  We ride about a billion buses, trains, and u bahns (underground railroads) every day to get where we are going.  We are going to try to talk to at least one person on each one.  It is hard when I have no clue how to start a normal conversation, but naja, we will try.

New Missionary Arrivals to Germany Frankfurt Mission
My district is great.  There are ten of us, including an Ehepartner, which is the married couple.  They are over multiple areas though, so they aren't here much.  Our district is huge, so it covers a huge area, so all 10 of us are over one ward.  It is hard because our ward has only about 60 active members, so we all have to make sure we do not overwhelm them, but I am hoping with that many missionaries, we will have a lot of success.

On Wednesday when I got here, I was so dead.  That plan ride took it out of me.  We went to the main stake center and met our mission president.  I love him.  He is probably the nicest, coolest person I have ever met, and his English is so funny because his accent is so strong.  Whenever he says faith, he pronounces it “face,” but it is great.  He is so inspired with everything and I’m so grateful for that. 

We were assigned to our area and trainer on Thursday and then I left for Nürnburg on the train.  When we arrived, we went and did a finding activity in Ratsbaunhaf, which is a huge plaza.  We drew the plan of salvation on the ground with chalk and people came and talked to us.  We placed about six das Buch Mormons and we got an appointment with a woman named Beatice the next day...but she never showed up.

This mission is hard.  We only have one investigator right now, whose name is Kathrin.  She is 14 and her dad is a less active.  The missionaries have been teaching her and her mom, but neither of them will commit to a date.  We are hoping to change that.  There are also about a million less actives, so we are going to work with them a lot and hopefully find people through them.  We do many drop by visits, but they are never home.  Germany is hard because everyone lives in apartments, so you can’t really go door to door.  Yu cannot even get in to the building unless someone buzzes you in, and many people just ignore you.  So really, we need to find some more effective ways than just dropping by. 

Sunday was crazy.  I understood maybe 20% of what was said, but I loved second hour.  One of our less actives came for the first time in forever.  Her name is Maria Wolf.  She is from Brazil, and has been in Germany for about 3 years, so her German is not too good.  She spoke slowly enough that I could understand.  We spend second hour in the investigator class, where it was only her, the elders, and us.  She asked us a ton of questions, and for the things that she did not understand in German, I was able to attempt to explain in Spanish.  So that was awesome!    I also sat by her in Relief Society, and we were able to be confused together.  I read out of her Spanish book, and that was so fun.  I forgot how much I love Spanish, and it made me excited to have a reason to use it again. 

Oh also, story time…the wheels on my suitcase broke…so on the first day, we had to drag around my ridiculously heavy suitcase for about thirty minutes to my apartment.  My apartment, by the way, is brand new and super nice.  Germany is beautiful.  My area is beautiful.  I am going to send pictures so you can all be jealous.  The food is great.  We are going to go get some chocolate so I can try it before I head off to play soccer with some investigators and the elders...  that should be interesting. 

That is Germany so far.  It has been hard because all I want to do is teach, and I have really only had one chance to do that.  I WANT MORE INVESTIGATORS.  So, that is my goal this week.  I want to teach, so I will make it happen.  I love you all.  Always remember, this life has been given to your from the Lord.  He has given you everything, and even when things are hard or not what you expected, his plan is greater than yours is.  We need to have more trust in Him, and to do the things that he would have us do.  I am so grateful for the time I had at the MTC and for the things that my teachers taught me.  I feel so much more prepared, and I cannot wait to use them and to teach others about this Gospel.

This church is TRUE.  I know that.  I know that without a doubt.  I must be bold when I share it, because I have been blessed with so much.  Sacrifice and love go hand in hand.  I have a testimony of that.  I love the Lord so I will sacrifice everything for him.  This is a time to forget myself.  Forget the things that make me nervous and scared, and go to work.  Because this is the Lord's work, not mine.

I love you all so much.  I cannot wait to tell you about all of my new investigators next week!   (It will happen).  Hopefully German will start to come...  I feel like I really have not had a ton of time to practice yet.  I hope we will have more appointments this week. 

Bis später meine Familie.  Ich liebe euch!   

Sister Savannah Teeples 

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